gossip girl

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last nite i watched gossip girl, u guys know or not? the war between little J and B has ended*, and as predicted B won big time and little J lost shamefully. B has worn little J earlier that the fight will turn ugly and B are very precise in everything. proven, little J went home crying on her father's shoulder*...... what a loser! serena met her long lost gud fren and now it turn very ugly too. all past experience has been superceeded by serena but this stupid little fren came wif a secret of her. shait this is totally shait. serena went to B and confessed a big time secret, she is a murderer! serena brother E is a gay. dem! what the heck....

*Usman Kelantan one of our sasterawan negara has passed away earlier, leaving a handfull of intellectual properties to Malaysia. i dun now him well and never read or critic his work but i heard in the radio this morning that he is very good.

*today got meeting. stupid job. i just hate my life everyday going to work at 9 and left at 6. i wish i could just stop immediately and left all this burden away. being a professional is not that exiciting. everything u do came wif a responsibility. erghhhh, shait man SHAIT!

i will not going to any private hospital to do any checking for my body, afraid they going to leak it out! errrr luckily all my MCs i bought from my neighbour's clinic. better to tell him dont bocor my report to the bos. fuhhhhh if not got circulate in internet and that is very shamefullllll..

one big mistake, oneeeeee bigggg mistake

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dear reader(s),

i was having a thot lately. sabotage can happen at anyone at anytime. during the cawangan annual general meeting my family has been sabotage by a real dem faking saboteur that is my mom close fren. shait, this is shait. before the meeting, there was several 4 serangkai meeting has been organized and my mom ask if there is anyone who wanted to challenge her for the ketua wanita. and everyone said no including the saboteur hubby who also the ketua cawangan la. the question has been raised regularly until the last day before the general meeting and the answer still the same NO. so my mom ask me to prepare her speech. as a very brilliant and bright person i wrote her speech very meaningful bladi blada blado. then the next day on the meeting my mom has been challenged and lost a lot. it was because my mom doesn't get her war general ready as the status has been confirmed clear before. and the best thing is the new ketua wanita is my mom close fren. and the big faking saboteur was the ketua cawangan wife. this is also happen to puteri as the ketua been hijacked and replaced. my uncle who is ketua pemuda let his position go and move to timbalan ketua cawangan. my uncle also shocked. it is a big mistake to trust the ketua cawangan himself. the ketua cawangan has no ball to fight. no faking dem penis and ball. he is faget and sick to death.

in three years, i will do the take over and this time around i will make sure the ketua cawangan, the ketua wanita, ketua puteri, and ketua pemuda hijacked to death.

see u in hell faker


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dear bos,

u sak big time, insensitive and so stingy. u like to force people work more, but pay less. u wanted a superstaff but pay little like shait. u r nothing but disgrace to the entire universe. u r nothing but dumb to me.

dear bos secreatary,

u prepare our salary last minute n dem late. all staff hate u n play nice wif u just for the sake of u got no fren in the office

dear ofismate,

u guys sak big time also. urghhhh

dear anwar,

y u wanted to havoc this country? u have left the office 10 years for UMNO sakes! shait, u r the big shait in this country and i just dem hate shait u. u got nothing to do but create a mess. i dun care either u sodom or homo or metro or fuck or whatever! but don mess up our country! it is your personal problem stupid!

dear readers,

y u reading this blog? got nothing to do???? shait!


big winner

brain sex

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i am so super bored in the office. got a lot of things to do n it is fucking nitemare. sum of the people in the office is sak big time. my boss too and my secretary and everyone! they are all insensitive jerk who dun give a fuck to me. i hate those people and maybe i hate u too readers. shait this is totally shait....

lately this fucking country in turmoil and sumbody got raped and sodomized and shait.

i need to change my job. i wanted to move into my own and still my fucking web designer not finished his fucking job for my web. ok dude, once ready I'll let u know!

fuel hikes fuck up big time and i hate fuel so much. all the dollars u spent are going to vaporized to move your fucking ass and heavy car also. yesterday a BMW X5 park beside me and the size is 4.8cc. shait that is totally shait eating fuel!!

dem, i need to rest. my brain suck up a lot